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First off, please try and refrain from submitting low quality pictures to the Gallery.
If you have submitted a picture that has not been accepted it was simply because it was not high quality or because it was not you in the picture.
Please refrain from submitting pictures of cosplayers simply because you have taken their photo at a convention.

Lastly, we will be adding a convention photo album to the gallery.
So any picture taken at a con should be submitted there and not to any of the specified series folders.

That is all!~
I felt that this group needed a good start.
There are almost 20 members in this group, can you believe that? So I (:iconyirico:) felt the need to give a little note of what we want to do here :D
Along with being a place to show off cosplays and give those deserving of praise all that they should, we also want to be a community of well,  friends?

We will also start holding cosplay contests in a number of different categories which are yet to be determined. We can also take suggestions!~
We wont be holding contests right away since we still don't have many members, but when we get close, we will let you all know!

And please let people know about this group!
You don't need to be a cosplayer to join, and you don't have to contribute, just be supportive!
Just watching is fine, too xD

We will also affiliate ourselves with other groups soon, but which ones, we don't know yet xD
If you  have a group and would like to affiliate with us, please leave me a message~:heart:

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